About Us

Forteshima started in 2018 but didn't go far for we started as just a beauty sponge company. I relaunched in 2021 with a stronger mentality and a passion for all the things I love to buy and wear. Fast fashion, accessorizing my outfits, finding the cutest heels to wear and purse to carry are some of my favorite thing to do. Working in the retail industry growing up was fun for me! Helping these ladies get their outfits together for a night out or special occasion was like dressing up a real life doll. I've moved away from working at a retail store for years. I've talked about having my own boutique one day. Thats how Forteshima came along! I wanted to have the cutest clothes with affordable pricing. I wanted to make people feel and look pretty! I hope I'm doing my job here! The name Forteshima is broken down by "Forte" meaning stong in two different languages (Italian & Portuguese) and "Shima" meaning a lady with a beauty mark in Persian. Forteshima stands for beautiful strong women..YOU!