• Where did the name Forteshima from? 
  • The name Forteshima is broken down by "Forte" meaning strong in two different languages (Italian & Portuguese) and "Shima" meaning a lady with a  beauty mark in Persian.  
  • What does Forteshima stand for?
  • Forteshima stands for strong beautiful women. (You!)  


  • Are the beauty sponges latex free? 
  • Yes, Forteshima beauty sponges are latex free
  • How often should I replace my beauty sponge? 
  • Replace your sponges every 2-3 months depending use.
  • Are your sponges cruelty free? 
  • Yes!!


  • How fast do you ship? 
  • We ship our product 3-5 days from when you place your order. Sometimes sooner 😁
  • Do you ship outside of the country? 
  • At the moment we only ship in the US. 


  • Questions?
  • Email us at Info@forteshima.com